December 20, 2009

Snowman cookies

I found this idea on a cake site I frequent and thought I HAD to give them a shot. I think they're so adorable. I'm not even sure anyone ate them at our 'social' because they were so cute. Looks like Paul's work will be getting a cookie delivery!

Doodlebops Cake

These are the kind of cakes I LOVE getting. It was a challenge, since the Doodlebops are real people. That said, I made sure to include their colors and tried my hand at at buttercream transfer. The piano keyboard is fondant with buttercream. I think it turned out pretty cute and really hope the birthday girl liked it!

Race Car cake

I was asked to do a smaller version of the go kart cake I did a few months ago. I really enjoy doing these cakes. It was difficult to include everything, given the size of the cake, but I got the little drivers, the checkerboard pattern tires and a pit stop. I hope the birthday boy liked it!

Snowman Cake

We hosted a family social at our house. Our friends and their kids came for some munchies and holiday cheer. It was a perfect opportunity for me to make a cake that I wanted to make. My goal was to make something cute, for the kids. I came accross a few snowmen cakes and new that was the perfect idea. It was surprisingly easy to make. I made chocolate fudge cake with buttercream frosting, then chocolate fudge cake covered in chocolate ganache (his hat). His nose is an ice cream cone and the scarf and buttons are fondant.


I love Christmas baking, and so of course I love Christmas orders. On the order menu this year for Christmas treats were cookies, cuties and truffles. This is my first order of truffles. I was really pleased with how they turned out. Hopefully my client is enjoying them!

December 4, 2009

Tow Mater and Lightening McQueen

How fun were these little guys? I don't do many all fondant cakes, but this time it was requested. While I don't particularly love the taste of fondant, it certainly does give the cakes a cool look. Hopefully the birthday boy will really like them too. Vanilla pound cake covered in buttercream then fondant. Everything is edible.

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It's that time of year again. I made my first batch of sugar cookies. What's funny is that I didn't have my AWESOME Kitchenaid mixer last year, holy smokes, how did I survive without it? It was fantastic, super easy. The cookie recipe makes about 100 cookies, so it's a lot to mix, but my little helper had no troubles mixing everything up. I took a quick picture of the cookies, I put them on a tray for my husband to bring to work. :) I hear they really enjoyed them!

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Thomas the Train

I was asked to do a Thomas the Engine cake for a little boy. These are the kinds of cakes I really enjoy. I'm not too familiar with Thomas, and this little boy is an expert in everything Thomas. Lucky for me he absolutely loved the cake! It was a ton of fun to make and I'm just happy I had another happy little customer! He's a vanilla pound cake, with buttercream, then fondant. Everything is hand carved or hand molded.

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Giant Cupcake

When I was trying to come up with an idea for my sister in laws birthday, I decided to make a giant cupcake. I've seen these a few places and thought it was a cute concept. Not to mention, she's a fan of cupcakes! There is a Wilton pan out there where you can bake your cake into a cupcake shape, or, you can do it the way I did it. 2 6" rounds, and half of a ball pan. I used fondant for the 'wrapper' and chocolate buttercream for the top. It was a huge hit and pretty yummy too! Here's the cake and my sister in law! :)

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November 14, 2009


I've mentioned these a few times and a few nights ago, I think I finally 'perfected' my Cuties. They're small two bite truffle like chocolates. They're filled with a special cake filling, then covered in a delicious milk chocolate. I'm looking forward to making these for the holidays and experimenting with flavors, like maybe Mint Chocolate, or peanut butter, or maybe Bailey's? Yum yum yum. I have a feeling I'll be gifting these!

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November 9, 2009

Chocolate wrapped, chocolate fudge, Rocky Road cake

I love receiving different request for cakes. Characters, themes, sizes, etc. It's all a challenge for me and some of my most favorite cakes were ones that I would have never done, had I not received the order. That said, from time to time, I enjoy getting a "do what you wish" kind of order. In this case, it was for my husband to bring to a coworker for her birthday. Even better, since that gang is willing to try anything I do, good or bad. So, I thought about different creations I've had on my mind and came up with this idea:

Pink and brown cake (sophisticated girly since it was for a woman's birthday)
fondant flowers
chocolate wrap
New filling

With all of that in mind, I baked a chocolate fudge cake, filled it with Rocky Road filling, covered it in Pink buttercream and then attemted the 'chocolate wrap'. It actually worked fairly well. Yes, I was surprised. I then made fondant flowers and used chocolate chips for their centers. :) The only thing I wish I did differently was added a ribbon around the bottom of the cake. I could have done that with fondant. All that said, for trying a few new things, I was quite pleased. Hopefully it tasted just as good!!!

From my cakes

November 5, 2009

Healthy Brownies...

While I'm in the works of trying to include 100% Organic cakes on my list of available "flavours", I've been experimenting with "low fat" or hidden ingredient mixes as well. I've been reading the recipe book, "Deceptively Delicious" by Jessica Seinfield, and while I consider 2 of the recipes I've tried from the book as flops, I do intend on trying a few more. That said I came across a fantastic blog the other day. It's a weight watchers recipe blog, but essentially it's healthy, yummy recipes for anyone to try.

I tried the Black bean brownie recipe found here:

Black Bean Brownies

I know it totally sounds weird, and I was completely skeptical myself. But OH MY GAWSH. These are pretty darn good. I think I could taste a hint of the bean while they were still warm, but this morning I had some with my vanilla yogurt for breakfast and they were delicious. They're fudgy and gooey and chocolaty and yummy yummy yummy! I highly recommend trying these as a healthy dessert. I think I might try a triffle with these. Imagine, low fat whip cream, berries and these brownies. Who can go wrong with that???

November 2, 2009


So far, November appears to be a slow month for cakes. I'm not complaining, in fact, I'm going to use that time to finalize a few things. First off, I'd like to circulate a quarterly newsletter to my customers. The newsletter will include anything newsworthy, and I think I'll include a contest for customers to receive discounts. Secondly, I'd like to make some changes to the website to include new products. Third, I'd like to perfect those products, mainly my "Cuties". Finally, I'm going to take some time to prepare for Christmas orders: cookies, truffles and Cuties. They were a huge hit last year and I intend on providing the same great deals. So while it may be quiet on the blog, I'll still be busy at work preparing for the holidays and perfecting my creations for you!

November 1, 2009

Kenzie's first Birthday

A pink and brown cake for a little girls first birthday. The birthday girl got her very own caterpillar cake, while the guests were served the pink and brown cake. Hope they liked it!

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October 31, 2009


Well sort of. That was the request and looking at the cake, she doens't "really" look like Tinker Bell, maybe Tinker Bells cousin. I could have bought a TinkerBell doll but I would have charged an extra $15 for the cake. I prefer keeping it affordable and I hope they were pleased with the cake. I was thinking, I should have done a small TinkerBell image transfer on a medallion or something to take it one step closer to TinkerBell. All that said, I think it's a nice looking cake, but just not completely what I set out to do. The cake is fudge marble, with vanilla buttercream frosting and a fondant skirt and wings.

October 30, 2009

Halloween Cake

Had a lot of fun with this one!!! A large halloween cake. Chocolate and vanilla pound cake with buttercream frosting and fondant leaves.

Halloween Creation...

A non edible kdfCREATION, a Halloween bouquet...made with chocolates, pencils and lollipops.

October 29, 2009


My busy weekend started with Halloween cupcakes! Tonight I'm working on a large cake for an office party, then I have a Tinkerbell cake for Saturday and a Caterpillar cake for Sunday. While it's busy, I'm looking forward to working on every single cake!

As for the cupcakes, they're vanilla pound and I only remembered to take the photo once they were in their boxes, so they aren't the best.

October 24, 2009


Did I get you singing the song? It sure was on repeat, playing over and over in my head while I worked on this one. I think he turned out pretty cute! This is for my supervisor actually, her son turned 2. Hopefully she likes it. :) Well more importantly hope he recognizes him and likes it too.

Iggle Piggle...

So this little guy is from the show In the Night Garden. I've seen the show a few times, not that that really matters when doing a cake. But I like to get to know my characters some. It's for a little boys first birthday, so I guess the cake is more for the parents than for the child. Hopefully they'll be pleased with the outcome. They wanted everything to be buttercream or cake, so I did just that. :)

October 23, 2009

Necklace cake

I was asked to do a cake for a 10 year olds birthday. She was having some friends go with her to a bead store so that they could make some jewelry. Her favorite color is Green. While the cake may not have been exactly what I had in my head... (A few measurements were off) I think it turned out quite well. Hopefully the birthday girl will like it too! It's chocolate fudge cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and fondant 'necklace'.

Girlfriends Cookie

Yum yum... Makes me want to have a girls weekend myself! A Giant chocolate chip cookie for a "Girlfriends" weekend. Chocolate ganache and vanilla buttercream 'decorations'.

October 17, 2009

Optimus Prime

I was asked to do a Transformers cake. The boys favorite is Optimus Prime... well... I wish I could have done a cake that transforms, but that just won't happen. :) So, I decided to do the tractor trailer version of 'him'. I think he turned out pretty good. He's vanilla pound cake with vanilla buttercream. Everything is cake except for the two 'tubes' on the side of the cab (exhaust pipes???)They're cookie sticks covered in buttercream. The wheels are pure'd cake mix with black buttercream and molded into tires.


October 16, 2009

Simple Bday cake

Mocha fudge cake with chocolate buttercream. I've been wanting to do this design FOREVER. I'm pleased with the outcome. Simple but pretty.

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October 9, 2009


Here's the whole crew, Pablo, Uniqua, Tyrone, Austin and Tasha. Mia recognized them when they were still in pieces! It's my first time sculpting with just fondant. TONS of fun. VERY time consuming though, BUT in the end, I LOVE the result!!!! Hopefuly the Mommy who ordered it and the birthday girl will love it too.

October 8, 2009

Monster Truck

I forgot to post these pictures last week, so I thought, better late than never!

I was asked to do a Monster truck for two brothers. One was turning 2, the other 4. Apparently they were very pleased with the truck! The cake is vanilla pound with a few vanilla wafers, buttercream and some chocolate buttercream for the mud. Oh and the tires are doughnuts covered in melted chocolate. Yum yum.

October 7, 2009

Backyardigans take 3

Ok... so I didn't do an entire backyardigans cake yet. BUT I have done Uniqua twice and so I've sorta tackled them... This time though, the whole crew is gonna be there, and I'm hoping for it to be one of my best! I'll be trying out new techniques all around and can't wait to show you. Now I just need to get started!

I'll be posting pics Friday, so stay tuned!!!

October 3, 2009

NB Karting Cake

I don't generally post many cakes pictures of one cake... but this cake is special and I decided that just one picture wasn't enough. I was asked to do a "karting" cake for the local karting awards banquet. I was SUPER excited to do the cake but the pressure was on to do something good. I Googled a bit, I searched here and there but in the end I had to go with my gut. I sketched out my idea and then, thanks to my amazing husband, I spent a couple, no a few, no MANY hours perfecting this cake. I'm completely overjoyed with how it turned out. By far it's my most favorite of all time. From the treads on the tires, to the trees, to the logo that I piped by hand, I just love it all. Lucky for me, the client seemed VERY pleased also.




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Chocolate Lovers Wedding cake

Here's my very first wedding cake. I've often said that I wouldn't do a wedding cake but this bride was AMAZING to work with. If all brides were like her, and if most weddings were to serve 50 or so people, I'd FOR SURE do more wedding cakes.


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September 30, 2009

A little chocolate anyone?

Chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, chocolate, chocolate chocolate. For a chocolate lover of course!!!!

Introducing kdfCREATIONS Cookies!

So here it is, a kdfCREATIONS 12" chocolate chip cookie. Decorated for any occasion...

This one was made for a small lunchtime baby shower. Easy to bring and share with friends. No fork needed!!!

September 24, 2009

Something so simple but oh so good!

So, for those who read this, and don't know me, or my husband, my husband LOVES chocolate chip cookies. Honestly, my quest since we've been married has been to make him the ultimate cookie. The one that he talks about. Lucky for me I found a recipe a few weeks ago that he LOVED. It then gave me an idea. Maybe other people LOVE cookies. Maybe they aren't cake people? Why not make GIANT decorated cookies??? So, last night I tried my first GIANT cookie. While I don't have pictures, because I was doing it more to test, it's the one cookie that my husband is talking about. I'm not sure he'll ever want another cake again.

SO stay tuned because I'll soon be offering decorated cookies. They are 12" cookies, and come decorated with a trim and a message. Here are the details:

Cookie Flavours:
Vanilla Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Frosting Flavours:
Chocolate Buttercream
Vanilla Buttercream
Peanut Butter Buttercream
Cream Cheese Frosting
Whipped Cream

Gourmet Cookies:

M&M Chocolate or Vanilla cookie, with your choice of frosting & message, and sprinkled with M&Ms

Standard cookie with your favorite chocolate bar crumbled a top it with your choice of frosting and message and a swirl of chocolate ganache

Standard cookie with a specific themed image piped on. (baby carriage for an expectant mom, balloons for a birthday, a childs favorite character, sports team logo, the possibilities are endless)

For more information on these cookies, or if you are interested in placing an order contact:

I look forward to hearing from you!!!

September 20, 2009

30th Birthday Cake

It was my husbands birthday this weekend and I wanted to do a cake for him. He LOVES chocolate chip cookies, and white cake with chocolate frosting. So I did just that, with a top layer of chocolate cake and vanilla frosting. I don't often get to eat my cakes so it was a treat to have some, and it was GOOD!

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September 18, 2009


I'm so SUPER pleased with this cake. I did do something I said I would never do, but at the end of the day, it doesn't even bother me! A lady wanted a gender neutral cake for her granddaughters first birthday. Apparently she loves balls and balloons so she wanted that theme somehow carried through. I figured since the 1 year old would be eating some of this cake that I wanted to keep it simple using only buttercream. I also wanted to have some balloons "popping out" of the cake and didn't want to waste fondant for that. (I just wasn't charging enough to make them out of fondant) So...that's when I tapped back into my scrapbooking self, and called upon my lovely friend, Mr. Cricut. I asked him for some balloons and sure enough, he cut them out for me. I think it turned out really fun, and I'm very excited for the client to see it! I also added 3 more balloons on the top tier with the Happy Birthday greeting.

Thanks for looking!

Eiffel Tower

It really urks me when the picture in my head doesn't turn out in "cake"... Of course, I'm still learning and with every cake I learn something new. Which is why I still really enjoy doing cakes. At the end of the day, this cake is "cute" but it's my first cake for my new coworkers and can't help but feel it's a little below average. The cake is for a "man shower" we were having for a coworker who's getting married next month. He and his future wife are going to France for their honeymoon. I also made a few mini cupcakes and decorated with red, white and blue icing and mini flags of France... no pics of those.

At the end of the day the cake will taste ok... and that's all that really matters!

September 17, 2009

Joys of Teeting...

So I have 2 cakes tonight that are fairly straightforward and that I've been looking forward to all week, UNTIL Mia decided NOT to sleep last night. She was up from 1:30 until 6, then we 'dozed' off and on from 6-7. She wasn't grouchy, but she just wanted to play. She was SO talkative and LOUD. I guess when you're sleepy everything is perceived as louder, brighter, etc. Thankfully, the Eiffel Tower is in pieces in my freezer, waiting to be carved, the peak is completed out of chocolate and the Balloon cake should be fun and simple to do. Now I just need to dig deep and find my inner awaker, so that I don't fall a sleep doing these...

September 16, 2009

baking, baking, baking

Well the orders are just rushing in. I can't believe how in demand cakes are in the area. I'm getting 2-3 orders a day! The thing is, I work full time and do this as a hobby in my spare time. So I can't take all the orders, but I so wish I could. It's so hard saying no. Especially if it's for a childs birthday. Those are my favorite and I really don't want to turn any down!

Anyways... coming up in the next few days:

An eiffel tower...
My very first Carrot Cake...
A first birthday with balloons cake...
and a half and half, blue and brown cake.

That should keep me busy. Stay tuned for the photos!


September 13, 2009

Birthday - Mom

I was asked to do a "pretty" birthday cake for someone's mother. I've seen the idea of this cake around and I've been really wanting to try it. I also tried a new icing technique to make it as smooth as possible. I was really excited about it and it worked quite well! I can't wait to do another!

Royal icing flowers, buttercream frosting and chocolate fudge cake.

Uniqua - Take 2

So I recently took the jump to advertise on a local classifieds website. Well... People are dying for cake out there! Problem is, they're mostly huge orders. Wedding cakes, or events to serve MANY people. I'm just not equipped, or confident to take those orders quite yet. BUT I did get the following order. I was asked if I could do a Minie Mouse, Backyardigans or Toopie and Binou... I said I'd tackle any and just let me know what they wanted. They came back with a Uniqua cake, for 20 people. Since I did one before I wanted to change it up. So I decided to make most of the cake Uniqua. I think it turned out well and the Birthday girls Mom seemed happy. Hopefully the birthday girl really liked it!

It's fudge marble cake with buttercream frosting, styrofoam head and fondant eyes and antenna's.


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