January 27, 2010


I have a couple of cakes in the coming days. I keep meaning to make a peanut butter cake for Paul (My husband) to take to work but when I get home, play with Mia...I just get lazy and haven't made it. That said I have a GREAT idea for the cake. I want to make a 'box' of cupcakes. The box and the cupcakes will all be cake. I can see it in my mind, now I just need to execute it. :) I need to find some styrofoam board. Something like an inch thick... I'd like a sheet of it. Have you ever seen anything like that? I'm positive it must exist somewhere...I think. :)

So, cake number 2 is a cake from my "Cake Sampler" series. It's going to be a 2 tiered anniversary cake in white, pink and black. I'm really looking forward to it. This is going to be the strawberry yogurt with whipped cream cheese frosting. Yum. :) I start baking tonight and I'll also be making the flowers for the cake. :) Tomorrow is assembly.

I also have a cake for Monday. It too is from the Sampler series. It's an "I'm BACK" sort of cake. :) My friend is returning to work after 1 year on maternity leave. This is to ease herself back in. Cake is always a great tool for that. This is going to be a square cake covered in fondant flowers.

Stay tuned, there should be lot's of activity on here in the next few days!

Tootles Poodles!

(I have to share a little story... I'm always one to say Later gator. Well the other night I was chatting with a friend and she responded with Tootles Poodles... to some, it's just a saying, to me, it's the cutest farewell greeting I've EVER heard. That is SO going to be my 'sign off' from now on! Thanks Chris!!!!)

January 23, 2010

Princess and the Frog

Here's the Princess and the Frog cake.
Princess is chocolate fudge cake with buttercream frosting covered in marshmallow fondant. Frog and lily pad are marshmallow fondant. Base is fondant painted blue.

From my cakes

From my cakes

Thanks for looking!

Fun with Fondant

After a couple of failed attempts I FINALLY made a successful batch of fondant. I was so excited I wanted to cover everything with it. But that wasn't part of the order, so I just did what I was asked to do, which still let me play with it a fair amount.

I was asked for 2 cakes. 1 to match colors of the steamers she was going to use for the 'family' party and the other was the princess from the Disney Princess and the frog movie. I'm pleased with both.

Family Birthday Cake
Flowers are fondant, cake is marble with buttercream frosting.
From my cakes

(I'll post the Princess and the frog cake in a separate post so that I can tag it separately.)

January 22, 2010

Getting Busy...

I have a few things to say...

1. I'm really excited for those who were quick enough to be part of the 'kdfCREATIONS' samplers team. The cakes I have lined up are so exciting! Something for me to look forward to every week, from now until March!!!

2. If you did not contact me in time I'd like to give you a headstart for the next time I offer free sample cakes. You can contact me, and I will add your name to my list of those interested in receiving free sample cakes. Priority will be given to those who did not receive a free sample previously. OR you can click on the right to follow my blog. Any new posts I include will show up in your dashboard. I will announce new cake sample calls on my blog FIRST and will give my followers a 24 hour advantage over the 'list'. You have to be in my list of followers to take advantage of the 24 hour advantage.

3. Stay tuned in the next few days as I have 2 cakes for tomorrow and will be updating with pictures. Next week I have a tiered anniversary cake that I'm really looking forward to. I'm also going to be trying a few new techniques and playing with fondant, with my camera by my side of course, so I'll be sure to share my cake adventures with you.

Thanks so much for reading along and all of your kind words. I didn't realize how much of a following I had until I offered out free cake!

Have a great weekend!!!

January 18, 2010

Cake Sampler Positions ALL BOOKED

Want some cake? Would you like one for FREE??? Well this is your chance, I suggest you keep on reading!

kdfCREATIONS Cake give away!
Rolling in the New Year I’d like to introduce some “gourmet” flavours to my cake line. BUT I need your help. Do you have what it takes to be a cake sampler?

Here are the requirements:

* A willingness to eat (and share) a cake with coworkers, friends and/or family. (Cake will serve 12 - 15 people)

* The ability to select 1 of 5 cakes from the list below.

* The ability to select a first and second choice delivery date from the list below, you may select any date from the range provided. (Cake delivery can be provided within the Fredericton downtown area or New Maryland)

* The ability to provide at minimum 2 completed surveys from 2 seperate cake samplers. (Surveys contain 3 questions based on taste of cake, frosting and combination. Honesty is appreciated.)

**You will have an option of designs, as I would like to use this as an opportunity to practice decorating techniques. If you are trying to fulfill an event (birthday, anniversary, etc) through this FREE CAKE offer, I will consider designs based on those events.

If you think you have what it takes to be a great sampler, and would like to order your FREE CAKE. Please contact me by email Kim@kdfcreations.com with your cake selection from the list below. First come, first serve. I will be scheduling 1 cake per available date range below, so please specify which week you would like.


1. Booked Banana Chocolate Chip cake with Chocolate frosting, decorated with marshmallow fondant

2. Booked Strawberry Yogurt Cake with whipped cream cheese frosting

3. Booked Nutty Chocolaty cake with peanut butter filling, chocolate frosting, decorated with marshmallow fondant

4. Booked Mocha fudge cake with mocha mousse filling, whipped chocolate topping, decorated with marshmallow fondant

5. Booked Chocolate Fudge Surprise cake with cookies and cream filling and vanilla buttercream


A. Booked January 25 – 28

B. Booked February 1 – 4

C. Booked February 8 – 11

D. Booked February 15 – 18

E. Booked March 2 – 4

Thanks! I look forward to baking for you!

Happy New Year

Wow. I was reminded to post on my blog over the weekend, but I had no idea I hadn't updated since before Christmas! Oops. So, let me officially say, Merry Christmas, and Happy 2010!!!

I did work on a cake last weekend, and I do have pictures but my precious kdfCREATIONS laptop was having surgery. I'm happy to report it pulled through surgery wonderfully and is now operating in tip top shape! Who knew that a good reformat could bring a laptop back to life? I promise to get those photos up tonight, as I must say, the cake I did was one of the most tempting I've done in a while.

That said...do I have some news for you! If you like FREE cake, you'll want to stay tuned!


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