July 18, 2016


A friend asked for this for her birthday. Who was I to deny her? I love how it turned out!

Montreal Canadians vs Toronto Maple Leafs

The never ending feud continues through chalkboard. Every time I made a jersey cake for either the Habs or the Maple Leafs I would get some sort of feedback. Well, now it continues with chalkboards. :)


This was a little different take on the chalkboards. I'd like to make a few more of these, but with wood. Also, my daughter wrote the words as this was a gift to her catechism teacher. :)

Class Rules

I designed this one myself for my daughters teacher. The teacher really appreciated it. Something so easy, so simple and so appreciated. :)

Let it Snow

Another gift, this time for our kids childcare provider. She loves snowmen. I think it turned out great.

Children Learn...

This was a gift for my son's preschool teacher. I really love how this one turned out.

Merry Little Christmas

This is the first sign I made. We gave it to my father in law for Christmas. I need to remember to make another, because I do love that one!

Chalkboard / Signs

I love being creative, I just haven't always had the time to be creative. Recently some changes in work schedule might open up time so that I can get back to caking, or a new obsession of mine, chalkboard signs! I'll share a few of the signs I've done over the last year and add them into their own label.

Tea Party cake

I went pretty simple for my daughters cake. That was because the party was anything but simple. We transformed our dining room into a pink and red tea room. We did a bunch of crafts prior then enjoyed tea time with the guests, while their dolls had their own tea party.

Better late than never... Power Ranger Dino Charge Cake

I'm so proud of this cake, because it's all mine. It was for my sons birthday party. I sketched the idea, and surprisingly it came out exactly how I wanted it. I almost crashed into a snowbank for this cake. :) Both layers are cake head/mask is rice crispy treat.


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