March 29, 2010


So... what a flop my birthday cake was. It turned out to look pretty cute but I tried a new flavor that TOTALLY flopped. I didn't care for it at all. :( It was a little dry, somewhat flavorless, really boring and SO not me. Anyways... Here's a few shots of me and my munchkin with my cake...

Baby Rump Baby shower cake...

A friend requested a baby rump cake for her shower. Was my first time making a cake like this. Was also my first time making the flavor. Apparently lemon has been her craving, most of the pregnancy. So it's a lemon cake with lemon buttercream. Looked yummy, smelt yummy, she said it was yummy... :)

March 26, 2010

Tiers and Flowers...

A client ordered her own birthday cake based on a photo of a cake she liked. This is what I did. Bottom tier is Coconut cake with coconut buttercream, middle is chocolate chip swirl cake with chocolate buttercream and top tier is fake. Flowers are fondant/gumpaste and "R" is chocolate. :)

I'm pretending that this is my cake in the meantime, since my cake is a disaster! I've been able to turn it into something I'm pleased with but it's nothing like the photo I posted. So let's all pretend this is my birthday cake and R stands for.... Rockin' 30's. :)

March 24, 2010

The making of MY cake...

What does a person like I do when it's time for my birthday? My husband was going to pick up a grocery store cake. I was shocked by that. I mean seriously? Am I not worth a kdfCREATION cake? I then insisted I make my own. I was really excited. This is my chance to do a cake for ME. Whatever I want. Whatever flavor I want. So I looked, and I looked, and I looked for ideas. I looked at so many cakes, what I liked, didnt' like, what was me, what wasn't. I narrowed it down to 8 choices...then I decided to take the elements from those 8 cakes and sketch out a cake for me. That's how this cake sketch was born (on my 5th sketch attmept)

I know it's kind of tough to see. It's going to be fun bright colors, with flowers, stripes and I'm even going to try and get a scrapbook-y feel in there. I'm just hoping I can pull it off, since I do have a few more cake orders to fullfill. It's coming along though... here are some of the accessories.... Stay tuned for the final product...

What a WEEK!

Holy smokes. What a week I have ahead of me. I have 5 cakes. That's right. Between now and Sunday, 5 cakes! Not to mention one of them is MINE. :)

Stay tuned for...
Thomas, Baby bum, flowers and butterflies, 3 tiers and polka dots! It's gonna be fun!

March 21, 2010

Lightning McQueen - Take 2

Chocolate cake with vanilla and chocolate buttercream. The only comment I have for this cake is I HATE WORKING WITH RED FOOD COLORING. Other than that... I'm pleased with the cake...

March 20, 2010

Another Chocoholic Cake

This is chocolate fudge cake with chocolate buttercream with chocolate piroulines, mint patties and mint sticks drizzled in semi sweet chocolate. Mmmmm.

LA Lakers Jersey

I was asked to do a Lakers Jersey for a Basketball obsessed boy. This is what I came up with. It's chocolate fudge cake with cookies and cream filling, chocolate buttercream, covered in marshmallow fondant.

March 19, 2010

Tool Box

A local business (and my former workplace) has asked me to do their "cake of the month" for the employees celebrating their birthday for that particular month. This month the cake was for 2 men who work in aircraft mechanics. I could have maybe been a little more creative, but I had seen a similar cake to the one I created and thought it was just too cool to pass. Hopefully everyone will like it. It's peanut butter cake, with peanut butter buttercream and marshmallow fondant. All tools are also marshmallow fondant.

Stay tuned to the next few weeks. I've got 8 cakes between now and next Sunday!!!!!


March 12, 2010

Rock Climbing

Here is my 5th and final tester cake. Again, another fantastic learning experience. It's Banana Chocolate chip cake with Chocolate buttercream covered in marshmallow fondant. The girl is made of modelling chocolate (never again will I use modeling chocolate for 'people') and so are the letters BAILEY. It's my first time carving a cake, swirved like that. (Also known as topsy turvey/whimsical style) That was interesting. Not so much the carving but covering it with fondant! Hopefully the birthday girl is happy with it. If anything, I hope she likes the taste of the cake. :)

Monster Truck

I was asked to do a monster truck cake and use fondant to cover it... This is what I came up with. Everything is edible. it's marble cake with chocolate buttercream and marshmallow fondant. The birthday boys name is on the license plate. Hope he likes his cake!

March 11, 2010

Rock Climber - Sneak Peaks

I'm working on a rock climbing cake for Friday, so of course you can do a cake without a rock climber. It's for a little girl's, Bailey's, birthday. Bailey's favorite color is green. I used modeling chocolate to make her. I don't think I'll be doing that again, I MUCH prefer working with fondant. Here are a few pics... "she" isn't quite finished yet, she doesn't have any detailing yet. I'll be getting to that tonight. Enjoy!

March 10, 2010

Surprise Hairdresser Cake

This is why I do, what I do... orders like this that make me so happy and honored to make someone a cake. A few weeks ago I got an email from a guy looking to order a cake for his girlfriend. Ok, that's cute. Well...he lives away and his girlfriend is going to school here. So now it's more like Aww...that's so cute. Well he wanted a 'hairdresser' cake, cause that's what she's studying and even had me include a special message, "Happy Birthday Cupcake Face." I'm dropping it off to a flower shop who will then deliver the cake and some flowers. She's a lucky girl!!!! It reminds me of when Paul and I were young... he'd always do special things like that. It's so nice to see that there are still some people like that out there. I hope she enjoys the cake and appreciates all he's done! I was just delighted to be part of this, that's what cakes are all about for me!

March 5, 2010

Hockey Cake

I finally got my first hockey cake. I've been waiting for it, I figured I'd get one eventually. The client asked for a large 'puck' with a small ice surface on top with a player shooting on another player. The cake is Chocolate chip swirl, with vanilla buttercream covered in marshmallow fondant. Except for the hideous plastic hockey players, I like how this cake turned out. Who would have thought trying to find hockey players would be the hardest mission yet. I could have made them from fondant, but my fondant 'people' aren't exactly perfected quite yet. I should practice though...I'll get right on that.

Have a great weekend!

From my cakes

Sampler cake #4

Here is my second to last Sampler cake. It was Nutty Chocolaty cake with peanut butter buttercream, covered in chocolate ganache with marshmallow fondant accents. Paul drooled the entire time I made this cake. I have a feeling I'll be recreating it for him soon. Hopefully it tasted as good as it looked!

From my cakes


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