July 18, 2016


A friend asked for this for her birthday. Who was I to deny her? I love how it turned out!

Montreal Canadians vs Toronto Maple Leafs

The never ending feud continues through chalkboard. Every time I made a jersey cake for either the Habs or the Maple Leafs I would get some sort of feedback. Well, now it continues with chalkboards. :)


This was a little different take on the chalkboards. I'd like to make a few more of these, but with wood. Also, my daughter wrote the words as this was a gift to her catechism teacher. :)

Class Rules

I designed this one myself for my daughters teacher. The teacher really appreciated it. Something so easy, so simple and so appreciated. :)

Let it Snow

Another gift, this time for our kids childcare provider. She loves snowmen. I think it turned out great.

Children Learn...

This was a gift for my son's preschool teacher. I really love how this one turned out.

Merry Little Christmas

This is the first sign I made. We gave it to my father in law for Christmas. I need to remember to make another, because I do love that one!


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