October 21, 2015

Kindergarten graduation cake

Munchkins kindergarten class had an end of year party and I decided to make a cake for her and her friends. This is what I came up with. The bottom has a crayon with every childs name. Everything is edible.

Fall frollic cake

Ever since Munchkin started school I've been making a cake for the fall frolic. I've decided to keep it candy corn themed. I always get to have fun with it!

Iron man

This was for a friends stepson. It turns out it was the same day as Hurricane Arthur hit the area. Luckily the cake was baked in time. The only concern was keeping it from melting. In the end the cake made it, with a few bumps and bruises maybe, but despite having no power and so much distruction, a little boy still got to celebrate his birthday.

Curling rock

This was a fun unique request. A curling rock cake.

Frozen cake

I've had many ask about frozen cakes but only 1 order. This was so much fun to make and the kiddos practically begged me to keep it. :)

Gift cake

Simple "gift" cake. Eveything you see is edible.

Traditional wedding cake

I remember when I first started doing cakes it was all about smooth looks and using fondant. But honestly, anyone can cover a cake in fondant, but piping??? That is hard. It makes me truly appreciate the old school multi tier wedding cakes. This was by no means a challengeing cake, but with the pillars and piping, it reminded me of an old school cake.

Candy birthday cake

We seem to celebrate twice in our house. I mean lets maximize the cake opportunity in our lives, right?? So we have cake at birthday party and we have cake on what we call our "birthday birthday" which is our actual birthdate. Here was Munchkins birthday birthday cake.

4th birthday army style

Little mister asked for an army birthday this year. Unlike his sister he didnt have details, he just wanted camo. Camo everything...so camo tank cake it was.

Rustic wedding cake

This was by far the most stressful cake of my cake career. The cake itself was easy enough...it was the delivery that had me in fill anxiety attack. We had to deliver this about 1.5 hour drive, in the back country, pot hole filled roads. It was a hot summer day...with a decorated tiered cake in the van. I've already told my husband to sedate me next time. The flowers are homemade. They are coffee filters stained with tea.
So happy I was given the honor of making it this cake! I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Birthday cake for my girl

My little munchkin had a dance party for her 7th birthday. She sat me down and explained what she wanted and then sketched out her cake. Talk about a tough client. After manageing some expectations, this was the outcome...

Bottle of rum

I've always wanted to do a bottle cake. I was so excited for the opportunity. Marble cake, buttercream and fondant frosting. Everything is edible, box included.

Cupcakes for school

I had made a pretty elaborate cake for the end of the school 2013/2014 year. Apparently I was supposed to do the same last year. Luckily these quick "surprise" cupcakes saved me from worst Mom of the year.

Time for an update

I mentioned my blog to someone today, said it got updated every few months. I then mosie on over and realize it's more like a year and 6 months. Oops. Guess it's time to update! I'll be sharing all the cakes I've made in the last 18 months. :)


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