December 20, 2009

Snowman cookies

I found this idea on a cake site I frequent and thought I HAD to give them a shot. I think they're so adorable. I'm not even sure anyone ate them at our 'social' because they were so cute. Looks like Paul's work will be getting a cookie delivery!

Doodlebops Cake

These are the kind of cakes I LOVE getting. It was a challenge, since the Doodlebops are real people. That said, I made sure to include their colors and tried my hand at at buttercream transfer. The piano keyboard is fondant with buttercream. I think it turned out pretty cute and really hope the birthday girl liked it!

Race Car cake

I was asked to do a smaller version of the go kart cake I did a few months ago. I really enjoy doing these cakes. It was difficult to include everything, given the size of the cake, but I got the little drivers, the checkerboard pattern tires and a pit stop. I hope the birthday boy liked it!

Snowman Cake

We hosted a family social at our house. Our friends and their kids came for some munchies and holiday cheer. It was a perfect opportunity for me to make a cake that I wanted to make. My goal was to make something cute, for the kids. I came accross a few snowmen cakes and new that was the perfect idea. It was surprisingly easy to make. I made chocolate fudge cake with buttercream frosting, then chocolate fudge cake covered in chocolate ganache (his hat). His nose is an ice cream cone and the scarf and buttons are fondant.


I love Christmas baking, and so of course I love Christmas orders. On the order menu this year for Christmas treats were cookies, cuties and truffles. This is my first order of truffles. I was really pleased with how they turned out. Hopefully my client is enjoying them!

December 4, 2009

Tow Mater and Lightening McQueen

How fun were these little guys? I don't do many all fondant cakes, but this time it was requested. While I don't particularly love the taste of fondant, it certainly does give the cakes a cool look. Hopefully the birthday boy will really like them too. Vanilla pound cake covered in buttercream then fondant. Everything is edible.

From my cakes


It's that time of year again. I made my first batch of sugar cookies. What's funny is that I didn't have my AWESOME Kitchenaid mixer last year, holy smokes, how did I survive without it? It was fantastic, super easy. The cookie recipe makes about 100 cookies, so it's a lot to mix, but my little helper had no troubles mixing everything up. I took a quick picture of the cookies, I put them on a tray for my husband to bring to work. :) I hear they really enjoyed them!

From my cakes

Thomas the Train

I was asked to do a Thomas the Engine cake for a little boy. These are the kinds of cakes I really enjoy. I'm not too familiar with Thomas, and this little boy is an expert in everything Thomas. Lucky for me he absolutely loved the cake! It was a ton of fun to make and I'm just happy I had another happy little customer! He's a vanilla pound cake, with buttercream, then fondant. Everything is hand carved or hand molded.

From my cakes

Giant Cupcake

When I was trying to come up with an idea for my sister in laws birthday, I decided to make a giant cupcake. I've seen these a few places and thought it was a cute concept. Not to mention, she's a fan of cupcakes! There is a Wilton pan out there where you can bake your cake into a cupcake shape, or, you can do it the way I did it. 2 6" rounds, and half of a ball pan. I used fondant for the 'wrapper' and chocolate buttercream for the top. It was a huge hit and pretty yummy too! Here's the cake and my sister in law! :)

From my cakes


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