April 11, 2011

Happy 40th - Friends being supportive

This was so much fun. I had received an email looking for a 'fun' 40th birthday cake. I found some cute ideas but this one wasn't in my surfing... instead the client asked about the 'bra' cake. So after a bit of googling I knew what she meant and was excited to get going. Bra is made from gumpaste. Cake is vanilla covered in vanilla buttercream. While I was doing it I had the following conversation with my daughter:
Mia - What's that Mommy.
Me - A bra.
Mia - What's a bra?
Me - Big girls wear them to cover their boobies.
Mia - WHOA big girls have boobies big like my head?

--Perhaps I made the bra a bit too large?


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