November 30, 2010

Winner of Cake Pops Announcement

You still have a few hours left to submit your entries. A winner will be announced tomorrow evening, so check back to see if it's you... (I work full time - so announcement will be made after work hours)

Good luck!!!

A little bit for him and a little bit for her

I made a joint birthday cake for my sister in law and her boyfriend. He's a swat/cop guy, and she's a girly girl. This is the combination I came up with so that a little bit of each of them was represented in the cake. It's fudge marble cake covered in vanilla and chocolate buttercream. The gun is made of rice krispies covered in fondant. The hand cuffs, badge, glasses and shoe were made of gumpaste. The cake was made for my sister in law and her boyfriend.

November 21, 2010

Win a box of 12 Cake Pops

Would you like a box of 12 cake pops shipped to your door for free? Well read on...

Between now and November 30, 2010 - email your suggestions for what kdfCREATIONS should use to identify the new cake pop product and the winner will receive a free box of 12 cake pops shipped to their door. We're looking for something creative yet appropriate. It needs to apply to both the cake pop and the cake truffle. Cake truffles are made of cake mixed with frosting and covered in chocolate for a sweet 3-4 bite treat. The "pop" is simply adding the stick to the truffle to resemble a lollipop. While kdfCREATIONS cakes can be considered an individual kdfCREATION each and every time, we think these little bite sized delicacies deserve their own name. Email with your suggestions - 1 entry per day per email address. ONLY ENTRIES SUBMITTED TO THIS EMAIL ADDRESS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Contest closes at midnight Atlantic time on November 30, 2010. Winner will be announced on December 1, 2010 and the "cake pops" prize will be shipped within 24 hours of announcement.

Cruffle Pops

kdfCREATIONS introduces you to cake on a stick - otherwise known as Cruffle pops!

Makes a lovely gift for a teacher, coworker, friend. Say thank you, congratulations, or thinking of you with a Cruffle pop bouquet!
Can be packaged on a stick or as a truffle.
Sold in boxes/bouquets of 6 or 12.

Available in the following flavours (modifications are possible):

Christmas Chocolate Peppermint - Chocolate cake with mint chocolate buttercream covered in mint chocolate and crushed candy cane
Christmas Peppermint bark - Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream covered in white chocolate and crushed candy cane
Chocolate Lovers - Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream covered in dark or white chocolate and a swirl of colored chocolate
Red Velvet - Red Velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream covered in dark or white chocolate with a swirl of colored chocolate
kdf Favourite - Marble cake with chocolate buttercream covered in a dark or white chocolate and a swirl of colored chocolate
Skor - Marble cake mixed with vanilla buttercream and skor pieces covered in chocolate srinkled with more Skor pieces

Basic: (cruffle pops are individually wrapped and placed in plain box/ cruffles are placed in tin cups in a plain box)

Gift Box: (cruffle pops are individually wrapped and placed in box, cruffles are placed in tin cups in a decorative box, with tissue paper and a gift card)


Basic box of 6 - $8.00
Gift box of 6 - $10.00

Basic box of 12 - $12.00
Gift box of 12 - $15.00

Please inquire for shipping cost.
Cruffle pops will be shipped laying down for best results.

(In order to save on shipping, get together with family and friends and place 1 large shipment. All items will be packaged in 1 large box and shipping costs can be split among all orders)

**Local deliveries/pick ups can be arranged for the south side Fredericton and New Maryland area at no charge.


Cash, Email transfer


Contact to place your order in time for Christmas. Limited orders will be accepted.

Cake Pops

kdfCREATIONS is bringing you cake on a stick - otherwise known as cake pops! Can be shipped...makes a lovely gift for a teacher, coworker, friend. Say thank you, congratulations, or thinking of you with a cake pop bouquet! Can be eaten on a stick or as a truffle. Sold in increments of 6. Come in all of kdfCREATIONS cake flavors (listed on website - 
Here are a few pics... more to come!!!

November 16, 2010

Beer Barrel

I got to try a bunch of new stuff for this cake. That's always fun! First, a new recipe... Cinnamon swirl cake. I had a small sliver.... mmm mmm mmm. Then I tried "Bettercream" it's a lighter version to a buttercream. Similar to a whipped cream but has a similar taste to buttercream, just not as sweet. I wasn't sure how it would turn out but I must say I do enjoy it and can see myself using it a fair amount. (I'd love to try it with strawberry yogurt cake!) I then tried to make the ice. I got lucky on my third try. It's a sugar and corn syrup concoction that when heated to the right temperature will make a 'candy'. I wasn't heating it enough (I was trying to avoid it reaching the amber stage) unfortunately I learnt the hard way that it needs to reach that stage if I want it to harden.

The wood is made of fondant that I distressed and painted. The beer cans are real and almost torture to use in photo. I'm 7 months pregnant and have been craving a beer since I was 3 months along! Seriously! I was good though... they went back on the shelf.

November 12, 2010

Pizza Anyone?

I think my husband enjoyed the research for this cake. In fact, we ordered pizza for supper to get me in the proper 'frame of mind'... if it only worked the same for let's say a tropical cake... I'd love to do my research somewhere south! :)

I was asked for a pizza cake. No additional details other than chocolate cake. I searched through many examples and learnt about what I liked and didn't like. So here's what I came up with. Oh and I'm a believer of giving credit, when credit is due... the table cloth idea was my husbands, and I must say it does add a little extra something to the whole cake.

14" Chocolate fudge cake, covered in vanilla buttercream. The "sauce" is thin red chocolate ganache. The Cheese is grated marshmallow fondant melted with my heat gun. The peppers are chocolate. The mushrooms, olives, and pepperoni are all fondant also given a little texture with my heat gun. (Marshmallow fondant + heat gun = toasted marshmallows = yum!)

November 10, 2010

Fender Guitar

Now this is probably one of my most favorite cakes to date. It was fun planning, it was fun building and it was fun to look at in the end. It's one of those cakes that was surprisingly smooth sailing. Have a plan, follow the plan and it actually works out. I'm really pleased with how it turns out. Hopefully the birthday boy will feel the same! The cake is chocolate fudge filled with chocolate buttercream, covered in vanilla buttercream and fondant. The "neck" is foam board covered in fondant... all accessories are fondant and a few edible silver beads.

Boy Oh Boy

Boy oh boy is right... This cake has an entire story of it's own. As I was loading it in the truck the top tier decided it would look better smashed into our backseat. I don't know how I did it, but I rushed inside, assessed the damage and realized that if I scraped all the buttercream off, the cake was ok. It was more surface damage than anything. So that's what I did. Delivering the cake had to be the most stressful trip. I brought my equipment with me in case I'd have to do emergency cake surgery on the seen. Lucky for me, take 2 held together and looked pretty good at the shower. The clients seemed very pleased with the cake, which is all that matters in the end. Bottom tier is vanilla pound, middle is fake, top is chocolate fudge. The letters were rice krispy treats covered in fondant. I think my heart will always skip a beat when I look at this photo!

Lego Man

I was asked to do a Lego cake for a little boys 5th birthday. I found a few different examples and the mother chose this design. It was SO fun to do. It's funny how when building a cake it only looks like it does when the final details are added. I always panic with about 30 minutes left because it looks nothing like I want it to, but I just push forward and eventually it all falls together. Fudge marble Lego cake. Blocks and lego man are made from rice krispy treats covered in fondant. Cake is covered in marshmallow fondant. This cake is Fudge marble with buttercream and covered in marshmallow fondant. Lego man and blocks are made with rice Krispy treats covered in marshmallow fondant.

Doodlebops Take 3

When I did my first Doodlebops cake I vaguely knew who they were. Since then my daughter has certainly brought us up to speed on who exactly are Deedee, Roony and Moe. Making this cake was quite fun, cause I had an excuse to be singing the Doodlebops songs. The best was the following morning when my daughter saw the cake she screamed DOODLEBOPS. Yay...she recognizes them! It's a vanilla pound cake covered and decorate with vanilla buttercream. The image is a hand piped buttercream transfer. (pipe each color one at a time and freeze to put on the cake smoothly.)

November 2, 2010

65th Birthday...

A 'fun' cake for a sophisticated lady. The cake is 1 tier - strawberry yogurt, 1 tier - lemon pound. Covered in vanilla buttercream and marshmallow fondant (note to self: marshmallow fondant in high humidity SUCKS)

Just another Minnie Mouse

I think this might be my favorite Minnie Mouse cake of the bunch I've made. Cake was vanilla pound with vanilla buttercream.

Mug O' Beer

It seems as though I forgot to post a few cakes on here... we can't have that now, can we? I'll add them now, better late than never.

Here's a cake that seems to appeal to my 'man' fans. :) Cake is vanilla pound with vanilla buttercream.


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