April 30, 2010

Fisherman Cake

It's super late so this is going to be a quick post BUT I had to post because I'm so excited. I've been talking about make a lightbox for a while now. Something that I could take photos of my cakes in so that they turn out better. We had the perfect box aside but I just never did it...well tonight I decided to do it since I have so many cakes this weekend and while I still need to play with it some, I'm SUPER pleased with the outcome. All of the following photos were taken inside my lightbox.

As for the cake, it's fudge marble with chocolate buttercream covered in fondant with fondant and modelling chocolate accents. The boat is chocolate the man is fondant. The client ordered this cake for her father's 70th. She specified that he would go fishing in jogging pants and a tshirt, with a pack of blue cigarette's in his breast pocket and wore a knights of columbus ball cap. I tried to do it justice. :) Happy Friday!

April 29, 2010

Sneak Peak...

Ok... seriously... how much fun did I have last night. Do you know how amazing it is to play with food and turn it into something? You know, while working last night I realized what I should be when I grow up... a kid. I'm totally into the arts and crafts, I love playing games, meals are made for you, you get to go to dance class, gymnastics, swimming. Seriously. What's even better, if I was a kid now, is that I wouldn't have to play Mommy, I just am a Mommy. But alas the responsibilities of adulthood wouldn't go away, and I don't think my Mommy would appreciate being called on for most decisions. SOooo, I will continue to make cakes and scrapbook. They're my 2 outlets that allow me to continue to be a kid. That said, I worked on my fondant 'Fisherman' + accessories last night. I'm very pleased with how he turned out! I took a few phots to share... I took them in black and white so not to reveal everything. :) Please keep in mind that the Fisherman was still drying and had some "fluff" as supports. :)

April 28, 2010

Busy busy weekend ahead!

I've got 5 cakes for this weekend. I'm so excited. I've been watching You tube tutorial videos for how to make fondant/gumpaste people, I'm doing a few kids cakes and 2 of the 5 are repeat customers. I love repeat customers! It means I'm doing something right!!! Stay tuned because I've got some fun cakes in store...Fishing, Mermaids, Ming Ming (from the Wonderpets), Baby rump and a butterfly cake. The action starts tonight with some detail fondant work. I'll try to remember to snap a few shots!

My weekends in May are filling up quickly also. In the next few weekends I've got a golf cake, a tiered flowers and butterflies and a Minnie Mouse cake... just to name a few. :)

Chow for now!

April 24, 2010


Have I mentioned I love doing kids cakes? They're so fun. I love knowing that it's the kids FAVORITE and they're going to be PSYCHED when they see the cake. Well this one I was really excited because it was a Tinkerbell cake but it was for a girl who was in her 20's. How fun is that? Yay for her friends for getting this cake. Now that's thoughtful! The cake is vanilla pound with vanilla buttercream and marshmallow fondant. The Tinkerbell is a candle I bought. Hopefully the birthday girl will get excited just like she would if she was turning 6 instead of 26. :)

Have a great weekend!

Toy Story - Buzz

I've fallen behind on posting pics. I haven't been as crazy busy as I was, but that will all change come Monday. I have 4 cakes next week! YAY. I was beginning to miss it...

This is a cake from last weekend. It's a fudge marble cake with chocolate buttercream. The Buzz Lightyear is made from fondant that I cut out in pieces and layered. The bedding is fondant and the stars are candy. The headboard and footboard are modeling chocolate.  I was told the bday boy was super pleased with the cake! :)

April 6, 2010

Thomas the train

I was asked to do another Thomas the Train cake. I like to change it up a little, making the same cake over again doesn't include much creativity... My previous cake was made with a 3d cake pan, but this cake was different. I needed a smaller version of Thomas so he was actually hand carved, then covered in buttercream. I think he turned out really cute! Apparently the birthday boy was happy with it too!

April 5, 2010

The BEST, kinda healthy, carrot cake...

I'm responsible for a bringing a cake to work for a coworker who doesn't eat white flour. So I was on a mission to find a cake that would be made of whole wheat flour, but not carry the whole wheat taste. I found the BEST recipe ever. It's seriously almost healthy. It's a whole wheat carrot cake, with pineapples, applesauce, nuts, wheat bran and the list goes on. But seriously, eating this cake you would have NO IDEA it's healthy. It's going to be my carrot cake of choice from now on. I even made some modifications, so I can call it my own. :) If you're looking for a good cake, to feed the family, that's full of natural goodness, order a Carrot cake. It will not disappoint!

Elegant Wedding Cake

I was asked to do a wedding cake for a couple who were married in Cuba but would be having their reception locally. I don't do wedding cakes. To me, they're just too stressful. I mess up someones wedding cake, I could potentially mess up a little girls dream. Anyways... after many emails with the bride I decided to take it on. She was super easy going and made me feel very relaxed about it. The only info she gave me was that she wanted it black and white. She also asked for a black palm tree for a cake topper. I made 2 palm trees and gave her the option, so I don't have photos of the cake with either. The top 2 tiers were chocolate with vanilla buttercream. The bottom tier was vanilla pound. She seemed very happy with it... I hope she enjoyed the cake and her reception very much!


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